Microsoft Excel Made It An ESport On ESPN’s “The Ocho”


You might use Microsoft Excel every day for common things like invoices, but did you know that Microsoft Excel is an esports title just like CS:Go and Rocket League are? Well, spotted by Windows Central ESPN recently aired a Microsoft Excel contest titled “All-Star Battle,” as part of their “The Ocho” lineup, which features a series of niche sports.

ESPN aired the Excel contest on August 5, but it originally took place in May and you can watch it above. Apparently supported by Microsoft, this Excel competition is actually quite unique. It saw players create slot machines using emojis and dots, a six-level platformer in Excel, and other tasks based on pre-made data tables.


Cash prizes were also involved, and there is even an organization, Financial Modeling World Cup, which oversees it. If you’re up for it, you can even download the data that was used in the competition and try to solve it yourself. Just be aware that the file won’t have the solution, only the correct answers, and there could be multiple ways to solve it.

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