Microsoft Edge, the browser is enriched with a sidebar

Microsoft recently released an update for Microsoft Edge on PC. It is considered major because of one of the novelties it introduces.

Installing it allows the browser to upgrade to version 104.0.1293.63. We are entitled to a sidebar that includes shortcuts for common browser features including search. This bar is not a new idea as it has been around on other browsers for quite some time now. We can, for example, cite Vivaldi and Opera. We can talk about something new for Edge users but also an upgrade for the competition.

Its deployment is gradual. This means that not everyone will be able to discover it immediately after installation. His arrival will be done in stages. The giant adds

“The Microsoft Edge sidebar allows users to access browser features side-by-side with their browser window. Available features include Discover, Bing search, Outlook, Office, games, and tools like a unit converter and internet speed test. Admins can control its availability using the HubsSidebarEnabled policy. »

In parallel, Outlook and Microsoft Office applications are part of the content of this sidebar. Here again, the deployment is done in stages. It is thus explained

“Quickly and easily access Microsoft Office documents and applications. Administrators can control the Microsoft Office menu in the Microsoft Edge sidebar using the MicrosoftOfficeMenuEnabled policy. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don’t see this feature, it will appear as we continue our rollout. »

This update also contains a fix for CVE-2022-2856. The Chromium team said that this security flaw is used by hackers.

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