Microsoft Edge, how to prevent automatic creation of a shortcut on the desktop?

Microsoft hopes that its Edge browser will one day become the number 1 choice among PCtists. The objective is difficult because the competition is there. We will have to gain market share and above all dislodge Chrome from its leading position.

It’s a big gamble and a tough mission to the point that Microsoft sometimes turns to questionable tactics to convince Windows 10 and 11 users to embrace Edge. The case is delicate because some say that Microsoft does not try to convince but to impose.

This file is burning and the latest interventions on Reddit will not calm the spirits. Reports explain that something weird is happening with the Edge browser. Discreetly and without authorization a shortcut on the desktop appears. The latter is added even if the browser is already configured as the default browser and an icon is already pinned to the Start menu or to the taskbar. This last remark suggests that this shortcut appears every time Microsoft Edge receives an update.

Microsoft Edge, how to prevent desktop shortcut from being created?

At first glance, this is justified by the fact that this browser is the default solution for Windows 10 and 11. On the other hand, creating a shortcut on the desktop without authorization is intrusive, especially if the browser is not the default choice desired by the user.

Some were annoyed by this situation and a solution was found. The only way to prevent this shortcut from appearing is to create a new entry in the operating system registry. She’s going to set a new rule.

The operation requires launching the Registry Editor. Just type ” Regedit ” in the “search” field of the taskbar then launch “Registry Editor“.

Then you have to go to this location


to create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named


Finally set its value to 0 then close the Registry Editor. The operation is complete. The change will take effect the next time the PC is restarted.

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