Microsoft and OpenAI renew and extend their collaboration

In a blog post published on January 23, 2023, Microsoft confirms recent rumors about a massive investment in OpenAI. Without specifying the amount, the Redmond firm announces “ the third phase of its partnership with the publisher of ChatGPT.

Microsoft formalizes its investment in OpenAI

This is a multi-year investment of ” several billion dollars aimed at accelerating advances in artificial intelligence, to ensure that the benefits of this new technology are widely shared with users around the world “. A few days ago, Bloomberg had implied that the American giant was in talks with OpenAI to invest $10 billion.

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For the moment, the official amount of this new collaboration has not been announced. Microsoft is looking to expand the use of artificial intelligence in its own products. Especially on Word, Outlook, or its Bing search engine. Recently, the software giant announced the arrival of ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI Service. This means that in addition to Dall-E 2, Codex and GPT-3.5., Microsoft’s platform will now include ChatGPT.

This new investment in OpenAI shows how much Microsoft believes in the future of artificial intelligence and especially that of ChatGPT. The American giant is convinced that artificial intelligence will allow him to transform his model, helping to develop new software. As part of this new partnership, the American company is also committed to ” finance the computing power that OpenAI needs to run its various products on Azure “.

In the press release published this Monday, January 23, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, specifies that “ we have forged our partnership with OpenAI around a common ambition which is to responsibly advance cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence and to democratize these new technologies “.

This position taken by the American giant should help to consolidate its position in a frantic race with other big tech companies. Google is one of the other companies working on similar subjects and intending to democratize the uses of artificial intelligence. The Mountain View company has invested heavily in this technology and also uses it on its various platforms: Google Maps, Gmail, etc.

For his part, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, believes that ” the last three years of our partnership have been great. Microsoft shares our values ​​and we are excited to continue our research alongside them and work to create advanced AI that will benefit everyone. “.

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