Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and even Apple… why they could still lay off

In this context, the four American giants should confirm significant declines in profits for the past year, the largest of which for Meta. And, although they have already cut tens of thousands of positions, nothing has stabilized yet. Thus, while it has already dismissed 1,000 employees in 2022, Microsoft indicated on January 18 that it wanted to undertake a new cut of 10,000 positions by the third quarter of 2023.

For now, Apple does not lay off. It is hiring at a slower pace. And, for the first time in almost four years, the apple brand should see its turnover drop; the uprisings in the factory of its Chinese subcontractor forced it to extend its delivery times. Not enough to see the beginning of fragility, but vigilance is required and the firm is already working on the diversification of its production centers.

Faced with these findings, the technological behemoths will redouble their efforts in 2023 to consolidate their margins and allay investors’ concerns. Especially since the latter are cautious about their recent internal strategic choices. Meta, for example, fails to make its metaverse compelling and able to generate meaningful profits. Nothing reassuring, therefore, in view of the colossal sums injected into this virtual universe. For its part, Alphabet defends its ” trajectory corrections “. Will this be enough? Without forgetting Twitter, which vacillates according to the announcements of its new CEO

So, temporary turmoil, or slow implosion? Emotional lift, in any case, for the thousands of employees on the floor…

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