Marine Tondelier attacks billionaires who build bunkers and explore space

The national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens, Marine Tondelier, has again attacked the billionaires, accusing them of building “bunkers” and exploring space, aware that their action would precipitate an ecological disaster in come to Earth.

Marine Tondelier does not like billionaires. After having assured that she wanted a France “without a billionaire” and having qualified them as “vampires”, the leader of the environmentalists again attacked the ultra-rich, accusing them of building bunkers and planning their escape ” in the space”.

“We see that the world is running to its loss”, launched Marine Tondelier this Saturday on France 5. A loss from which the billionaires would try to protect themselves: “The ultra-rich are in a headlong rush on their mode of consumption. They are in the process of building bunkers where the air is purified so if there is an air quality problem, they will not be concerned”, continued the national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens.

“Billionaires pose a social and environmental problem”

“Environmental degradation, they don’t mind. They’re exploring space thinking, ‘I’ll have my little way out if this goes wrong.’ They know where they’re leading the world. world that they prepare the emergency exit and the poorest will be stuck,” added Marine Tondelier. “They are part of life but also of death,” she concluded.

“Yes, the billionaires pose a social and environmental problem. They are also in the process of seceding. And cowering in bunkers protected from environmental risks, seeing the danger coming. This should alert us”, added Marine Tondelier in the process on Twitter.

“These greens have become buzz machines”

“It’s lamentable the words she is saying”, thunders this Monday on the set of “Grandes Gueules” the restaurateur Stéphane Manigold. “It’s a criminal offence, it’s discrimination. What she says is shameful,” he laments. “I am a child of solidarity, it is because there are rich people who have paid taxes in this country that I have been able to go to school for free, to have healthcare for free, and that I have could have had a notebook and pens”, adds the restaurateur on RMC and RMC Story.

“These greens have become buzz machines,” said farmer Didier Giraud. “They are so disconnected that it is no longer ‘hearable'”, he laments.

If the exit of Marine Tondelier on the bunkers can make you smile, it is however not fiction. Requests for the installation of shelters would have exploded, assured France Inter last July Mathieu Sérane, whose company Artemis Protection builds bunkers from 149,000€. A booming market while other companies like Vivos Europa One and Rising S Company actually offer luxury shelters.

As for the exploration of space by billionaires, Elon Musk, the boss of Twitter, does not hide it. And he gives himself the means with his company SpaceX, the first private company to reach Earth orbit in 2008 with its own rocket. Today, the eccentric billionaire is eyeing Mars.

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