Linxea Spirit 2 Life Insurance: from 50 euros to 250 euros offered to new Linxea customers, offers to be entered before September 30, 2022

With no fees on payments, this contract offers some of the lowest management fees on the market. Up to €250 offered for any first subscription, offer subject to conditions.

LINXEA Spirit 2

Linxea Spirit 2 is a life insurance policy, insured by Spirica (Crédit Agricole Assurances). LINXEA Spirit 2 is one of the most complete contracts on the market, accessible from €500. 0% entry fees, 0% payout and arbitration fees and only 0.50% management fees / year on account units. On the LINXEA Spirit 2 life insurance contract, you have access to the New Generation Euro Fund, capital guaranteed up to 98%. This capital risk of 2% enables Spirica to manage your investments which will be more dynamic and more diversified. The objective is to aim for a higher return expectation than traditional euro funds. You can invest a maximum of 75% of your savings in this euro fund, the remaining 25% must be invested in units of account. Unit-linked units are more dynamic investment vehicles that present a risk of capital loss.

LINXEA AVENIR 2: Promotional offer currently in effect

250 euros offered for 10,000 euros paid when subscribing to Linxea Spirit 2

Deadline to take advantage : 09/30/2022

Description : Promotional offer valid only for new Linxea customers as part of a 100% online subscription to the Linxea Spirit 2 contract with an initial payment of €1,000 minimum for a premium of €50 and an initial payment of €10,000 minimum for a bonus of 250€. The initial payment must be invested at least 30% in units of account not guaranteed in capital. Unit-linked units present a risk of capital loss. If managed management is chosen, the investment in units of account not guaranteed in capital may range from 30% to 95% depending on the profile chosen. Access to the investment giving right to the premium is subordinated to the level of risk the subscriber is able to bear. Offer valid from 08/15/2022 to 09/30/2022, provided that the file is received complete by the insurer. Only one offer per person. Offer cannot be combined with the sponsorship offer. You will not be able to benefit from this offer if you are already a Linxea customer. Spirica will pay the premium before 1/11/2022 to the New Generation euro fund of the contract.

Other info : This offer is valid in free management and managed management. In the case of Free Management, access to the investment giving right to a premium is subject to the level of risk that the subscriber is able to bear. In the case of managed management, access to the management mode giving right to a premium is subject to the policyholder’s willingness or otherwise to delegate the acts of arbitration.


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