LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan’s Perfect Companion is discounted on Amazon

News good deal LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan’s Perfect Companion is discounted on Amazon

Are you an absolute Star Wars fan? You might like this collectible LEGO set! If you had fun browsing the Jedi: Fallen Order game, you already know BD-1, the faithful companion of young Padawan Cal Kestis. The LEGO BD-1 set is currently on sale, why not take advantage of it?

If you are a collector, you are surely looking for the most beautiful LEGO sets at the best price. And obviously, Amazon has understood this.

Star Wars fans can now pick up the LEGO BD-1 set for €89 on Amazon.

Buy the LEGO Star Wars BD-1 set at 89€ on Amazon

BD-1, the collectible LEGO set for absolute Star Wars fans

BD-1 is an explorer droid that appeared in the Jedi game Fallen Order, released on console and PC.

For this set, LEGO provides us with a 37cm by 35cm replica of the BD-1. In the end you will have a nice collector’s item of 1.16 kg.

With its total of 1062 pieces, you will have enough to spend one or two beautiful evenings editing to build this beautiful object. The mini-droid is fully articulated and has a tilting head.

If you’re a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order fan, you know that BD-1 is the ultimate companion for young padawan Cal Kestis. He is able to heal his master as well as hack doors and even other droids. BD-1 was first unveiled at Star Wars Celebration 2019 and still lives in the hearts of gamers.

Before accompanying Cal Kestis on his adventures, BD-1 belonged to Jedi Master Eno Cordova, who specialized in the study of ancient Zeffos civilizations.

This LEGO set is then a real collector’s item for fans of the Star Wars saga, a droid never before seen in the film saga, but it still remains a character, at least a droid, emblematic of the franchise.

This LEGO BD-1 set is packed with detail, with cables sticking out of the little robot’s legs, and translucent elements on the back of the robot’s head.

The BD-1 comes with a small plate detailing the characteristics of the droid in order to know a little more about him.

As a reminder, the LEGO Star Wars BD-1 set is currently at €89 on Amazon, instead of the usual €99. A golden opportunity for fans of the saga.

Buy the LEGO Star Wars BD-1 set at 89€ on Amazon

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