Lack of car insurance: what possible fine?

Auto insurance is meant to protect you when you’re on the road, but also to protect others in the event of an accident. It is also a means of covering you in the event of damage to your vehicle, including when you are not driving with it: theft, break-in, fire… Of course, you are not obliged to take out insurance against all risks, but you must, at a minimum, be insured by third party. If you don’t have insurance, you risk a lot.

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Today, the police and gendarmes only have to scan the license plate of a vehicle to know if it is insured or not: they do not even need to stop you to check your papers. If you are checked for lack of insurance, you risk a fine of up to 3750 euros. Generally, a first offense of this type results in a fixed fine. However, in the event of a repeat offence, you incur up to 3 years of license suspension, a community service sentence, the confiscation of the vehicle or the obligation to follow an awareness course.

To this must be added the risk you incur on the road: in the event of an accident, you are in no way covered vis-à-vis yourself and others. It’s an unnecessary risk to take.

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