Is there an age limit for auto insurance?

If there is no maximum age to drive, does being a senior have an impact on car insurance? We tell you all about it.

Currently, there is no maximum age beyond which driving is strictly prohibited in the French Highway Code. Furthermore, there is no compulsory examination either, contrary to what is practiced in other European countries. A person can therefore take the wheel at any age, as long as they are physically fit and feel capable of doing so. Apart from certain cases of illness, in particular dementia, it is therefore entirely possible to drive until the end of one’s life. But what about insurance? Is there a maximum age from which it is difficult to insure? We tell you everything.

A higher insurance premium

In general, before the age of 70, it is not complicated to take out new insurance, especially since an advanced age is generally synonymous with greater experience, especially if no responsible accident has been declared. On the other hand, it begins to get a little tougher after this age. Indeed, the companies then assume that an elderly person loses capacity, which then impacts driving and increases the risk of an accident. Insurers then do not hesitate to apply higher premiums, as is the case for young drivers. But it can even go even further in some cases.

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Beware of refusals

Indeed, some insurance companies even refuse to take care of over-aged drivers, even without any accident history. This is particularly the case if you are over 80 years old. You also risk incurring significantly higher premiums. If you have difficulty insuring yourself with traditional companies, then you will have to knock on the door of a private insurer, the cost of which will however be a little higher. In any case, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes and compare prices so as not to be fooled.

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