Is it compulsory to take out school insurance when my child enters kindergarten?

At the start of the school year, schools generally ask parents to take out school insurance for their children. But is it compulsory? What exactly does it cover? And if we don’t take any, can the school refuse my toddler? We take stock.

Every year, as the start of the new school year approaches, this is the eternal question that parents ask themselves: Should you take school insurance for your child or not? Sometimes it’s even a detail that some forget, especially when the toddler makes his first comeback, in kindergarten. But rest assured, school insurance is not compulsory for the registration of your child in his establishment, whether in kindergarten to high school. Under no circumstances can you be forced to take one.

On the other hand, if schools strongly recommend that parents have this famous document, it is not without reason. School insurance is essential if your child should participate in optional activities organized by their school (visit to a museum, green class, language stay, etc.), if he eats in the canteen and if he participates in extracurricular activities (supervised studies, supervised snacks, sports activities, etc.). Regarding compulsory school activities, included in the student’s timetable and forming part of the program defined by the National Education, there is no need to have an insurance certificate. Even if they take place outside the establishment. For example: a trip to the swimming pool or to the gymnasium.

Namely that “these rules are only valid for public establishments, each private establishment setting its own insurance rules”indicates the France Assureurs website.

School insurance: what is it for?

The school insurance is not a simple paper without any importance, it is a pledge of security for your child. In general, it covers two types of damage : those that a toddler could commit to others (this is called civil liability) and the bodily injuries that he could suffer within the school, during a school activity or during the trip ( fall in the yard, down the stairs, etc.).

There are also complementary insurances to which parents can subscribe if they want to be even more forward-looking (compensation for racketeering or theft, etc.).

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School insurance: what are the steps to take out?

In principle, to subscribe to school insurance, it is up to you to carry out the administrative procedures. You can get closer to an insurance company, which offers this type of contract for children, or to your bank by adding an option to your home insurance. Depending on the insurers, offers and prices may change.

Nevertheless Warning, “before subscribing to a tailor-made product, check that your multi-risk home contract or your life accident guarantee (GAV) does not already include school insurance. It’s quite common”, indicates UFC-Que Choisir to our colleagues at CNews. So take the time to inform yourself well in advance before committing yourself.

Then, as soon as you take out school insurance, don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate with your insurer. It will take the send to school of your child at the start of the school year. Today, you can also easily find her from her personal space on her online account.

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