Is it compulsory to have school insurance?

While the list of school supplies is already prepared, or even purchased, there is one detail that parents sometimes forget: school insurance. If she it’s not mandatory, this document is highly recommended. “Subscribing to school insurance for school and optional activities is a guarantee of security for students and their parents”, highlights The school insurance taken out must cover the damage that the student may cause to third parties (civil liability cover) or that he may suffer (individual bodily accident cover).

Questioned by the editorial staff of Acheel online insurance co-founder Ralph Ruimy explains the purpose of school insurance. “School insurance is not compulsory but it will be requested from the child each time he wishes to participate in school activities such as outings but also the canteen, study or snacks”, explains Ralph Ruimy. “Not taking it is pmake the risk that your child does not go to green class for example”, illustrates the co-founder of Acheel.

In concrete terms, school principals are asking school insurance for children from the start of the school year in September. They are not waiting for a specific occasion that requires the use of this document. This is when professionals realize if a child is insured. If this is not the case, the activities will not be possible for the young person. The France Assureurs site adds that “these rules are only valid for public establishments, each private establishment setting its own insurance rules.”

What are the steps to take ?

Acheel co-founder Ralph Ruimy explains the steps you need to know to set up school insurance. First of all, you should know that two options are available to you. First, you can take out specific insurance for children. Second, you can add an option to your home insurance.

The co-founder of Acheel also ensures that 30% of the calls he receives in August concern additions of school insurance to the home insurance contract. He assures that the phone call lasts “one second” and that there is no particular document to transmit. “Then you stop it whenever you want,” he argues.

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