Insurance scam: what is the risk of this guyanese who invented the fake theft of his phone?

In December 2022, in Guyana, a man tried to invent the theft of his phone in order to receive reimbursement from his insurance. He was arrested by the police and is at high risk.

This failed bluff could well cost him dearly. In December 2022, a man tried (unsuccessfully) to invent the theft of his phone in order to collect reimbursement from his insurance. “For the clever ones: false statements are punishable by law!”, Recalls the Guyana gendarmerie in its last Facebook post before telling the story.

It all started on December 5, 2022 when a 40-year-old guyanese filed a complaint with the Kourou gendarmerie. The previous night, an individual allegedly stole his phone in the middle of the street while threatening him with a knife. “The gendarmes of the judicial pool of the brigade carry out investigations to try to identify the thief but quickly, they realize that the explanations of the victim are not very clear”, explains the Gendarmerie of Guyana on Facebook.

Summoned to court

Two days later, the 40-year-old confesses everything: he invented the story from A to Z in order to be reimbursed for his phone by the insurance. A lie to say the least counterproductive since the man risks large fines.

As the Guyana Gendarmerie reports, the man will be summoned to court for “false denunciation to a judicial authority resulting in useless research”. Notice to those who would be tempted to test the scheme: the offense is punishable by 6 months in prison and €7,500.

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