Insurance, contract, dispute: what you can and must do when renting between individuals

If the rental conditions are specified on the platforms, it is a good idea to take stock of what you have the right to do or not.

A written contract

Some platforms already offer a standard form. In cases where this is not offered to you, it is strongly recommended that both parties enter into a written contract. Must include the contact details of the lessor and the lessee, the description of the property or object, the duration of the rental with dates, the price and the method of payment as well as proof of identity.

Focus on security

It seems obvious. It is forbidden to offer for rent a property that does not comply with the regulations. Thus, if you want to rent your swimming pool, it is essential that it is first equipped with an alarm, barrier, cover or shelter to standards. By exceeding this obligation, you expose yourself to a fine of 45,000 euros.

Make sure you are…insured!

Be careful, when you share your car, specific insurance is essential. Some platforms include it directly. Regarding rentals or home exchanges, there is no need to take out an additional contract if you are already insured. Useful: check if you already benefit from holiday civil liability which will allow you to be covered when you stay with someone else.

In case of problem

Very often, an inventory at the beginning and at the end of the rental protects both parties. When this is not done, you will have to prove your good faith. If you have rented a drill and it does not work, this defect can be blamed on you.

At the slightest concern, it is advisable to contact the owner immediately. If you, tenant and landlord, do not find common ground regarding the inventory, nothing obliges anyone to sign it. Then begins a new chapter: deductions from the deposit must be justified. On one side as on the other it will be necessary to prove not to be the author of the degradations.

Do we declare?

If you rent your furnished accommodation – as on AirBnb – you must declare your income. If you only rent part of your home – such as a bedroom – you may be exempt below a certain limit. Regarding the rental of your car, this income is not taxable if it remains occasional.


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