how to watch his departure from the ISS live?

The 26th SpaceX cargo ship will take off, this Monday, January 9 at 10:45 p.m., from the International Space Station to return to Earth, loaded with scientific experiments carried out. How to follow his return live? We’ll explaine everything here.

The SpaceX freighter approaching the International Space Station last November © NASA

This week, a SpaceX spacecraft will depart from the International Space Station (ISS) and return to Earth. Although the craft is unmanned, it will be filled with the results of scientific experiments performed on the space station.

SpaceX: how to watch the return of the Dragon capsule to Earth live?

The Dragon capsule, which arrived at the station in November last year as part of SpaceX’s 26th ISS resupply mission, originally carried 3,500kg of science experiments. Upon her return, she will carry 2,000 kg of completed science experiments, including the results of research into hydroponic and aeroponic methods for growing plants in space and the use of microbes for potential medicines.

Dragon’s cargo will also contain test results for the Astrorad vest, a radiation protection vest that ISS crew members will have tested during their daily duties while on station.

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Astrorad vests were also included in the recent Artemis I unmanned mission around the Moon, to test their effectiveness in blocking the dangerous space radiation that would-be lunar explorers can expect to be exposed to.

The capsule will return to Earth by tomorrow and is expected to crash off the coast of Florida on Wednesday, January 11. NASA will livestream the departure of the Dragon spacecraft on Monday, including coverage of the space station’s undocking. Coverage will begin 10:45 p.m. this Monday, January 9, with the mooring itself scheduled for 11 p.m. You can watch the live video below.

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