How to set up a child-friendly Amazon Fire tablet?

You bought an Amazon Fire tablet for your child, but you’re worried about what he might see on it. Inappropriate videos and free access to the web are not ideal. Fortunately, the Android-based Fire OS has a built-in parental control system. Although it’s not immediately obvious, it’s pretty solid.

Here’s how to set up parental controls on your child’s Amazon Fire and keep them safe and educated!

Getting started: Protecting your account

Before you even think about creating a profile for your child, take a few minutes to activate some basic protections on your account.

After all, you don’t want your child to be able to access your screen. Even though the tablet is intended for a child, an adult account will be required if you plan to use Amazon’s parental control tools.

Also, a child can inadvertently (or maliciously!) delete and install apps, remove movies from your watchlist, and even add or remove items from your Amazon wishlist. It is best to take the usual precautions and put these functions out of reach.

To secure your account:

  1. Open your profile
  2. On Settings find Security and privacy
  3. Enable Lock-screen paccess code
  4. Choose a password or PIN according to your needs

You just saved yourself a lot of trouble!

Create a Child Profile on the Amazon Fire Tablet

Your next task is to create a profile for your child. Note that a single adult account can accommodate up to four child profiles.

  1. Use two fingers to pull down the menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the user icon, then New user
    Add a Child User to the Amazon Fire Tablet
  3. Type okay to confirm
  4. Here, type Add child profile and complete the name, gender and date of birth.
  5. Select the appropriate theme, then Add profile to confirm

The two themes are Blue Sky (for children under 9) and Midnight Black (for children aged 9 to 12). When you have made your choice, press Add profile.

Your child now has their own profile.

Add content to the child’s profile

Once the profile is created, the next screen prompts you to add appropriate content. It should be the type of material (books, audiobooks, videos, apps, etc.) that your child is ready to consume.

Touch to select the content that suits you, then touch Ended.

If at any time you wish to modify the accessible material:

  1. Open your profile
  2. Go to Settings > Profile & Family library
  3. Select child account
  4. Tap Add content Where Delete content

You should also take a look at the Age filters screen. This is a feature that you can turn on or off as needed; when enabled, it allows you to set an age range for the content your child can see.

If you want to make sure your preschooler doesn’t watch Horrible Histories (or other awesome shows on Amazon Video), this feature is important.

Just drag the lower and upper age range bars as needed. The tablet will tell you how many apps, videos and books are visible for the selected age group. When you are satisfied, press Return to go out.

Configure Child Age Filter on Amazon Fire Tablet

Finally, be sure to set the Enable In-App Purchases setting for disabled. This will prevent them from accumulating charges in games.

Configure Screen Time for Fire Tablet

You probably don’t want your kids to spend all day glued to their tablet, especially when they have the chance to do some outdoor activity. It is therefore wise to set time limits.

To do this, open Set daily goals and time limitsand press the button to activate it.

You will see a screen divided into two tabs: Days of the week and Weekends. Each of these options allows you to define a Bedtimethe time at which the tablet deactivates, and the wake-up time, when it becomes available again.

Set Access Times on the Amazon Fire Tablet

Here you can also set Educational objectiveswith deadlines for apps, Books, Audible (audio books), and Videos. There is also a learn first This allows you to block entertainment until “educational goals” are met.

Further down, you can set a Total screen time (so your child can spend, for example, four hours on a tablet over a 16 hour period). You will also find Time by type of activitywhere you can set time limits for individual activities.

Managing web content for your child’s tablet

Your child’s tablet must be online to access content from Amazon. But what if you want to limit your child’s access to the web?

  1. In the child’s profile, find Modify wweb browser
    Set Up Web Access on an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet
  2. To fall over Enable web browser to enable/disable
  3. When enabled, you will be able to Enable pre-approved web content (content selected by Amazon)
  4. You can also activate Filtered websites and videosan option suitable for older children.

With the last option, you have the option to filter specific websites.

Note: If Enable web browser is set to Offyour child will not have access to the browser. For the youngest, this option seems sensible.

What is Amazon FreeTime?

If you’re not sure what content is right for your kids and don’t have time to check everything manually, Amazon FreeTime might be the answer.

Amazon FreeTime is an optional extra that you pay through a monthly subscription. It removes ads, in-app purchases, and links to websites and social media. More importantly, FreeTime offers content specifically aimed at children between the ages of three and twelve.

Use this link to try Amazon FreeTime free for one month!

Although the monthly fee may seem expensive, it really saves you a lot of time. Note, however, that an Internet connection is required for FreeTime. Although you can download some content, it is best used at home or while connected to another friendly network.

Review your child’s online activity

If you want to check on your child’s activity on the tablet (perhaps to see if TV shows are more popular than games), Amazon has a feature that lets you monitor what they’re doing.

Monitor a Child's Amazon Fire Tablet Activity

Parental control can be managed from any device equipped with a browser, no dedicated application is required.

To enable parental controls on the child profile of an Amazon Fire tablet:

  1. Open Settings > Parental controls
  2. Press the button to On
    Activate parental control
  3. When prompted, set a PIN
  4. Finally, scroll down to find Watch this profile and press the button to On.
    Enabling parental monitoring

The profile can be monitored on

Make Your Amazon Fire Kid-Friendly

You should now have full control over your child’s Amazon Fire tablet. There’s no more risk of accidental purchases or in-app purchases threatening your bank account. You’re safe from inappropriate content that could contaminate your child’s innocent eyes, and you can easily add content and monitor activity.

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