How to save with life insurance that pays more than 3%?

It is quite possible to get your hands on a life insurance contract yielding more than 3%. To achieve this, contact an experienced financial advisor. Here are some tips for saving with life insurance offering a remuneration of more than 3%!

Obviously, funds in euros housed in a life insurance contract do not yield more than 3% return. To benefit from such performance, turn instead to units of account (UA). They are riskier, of course, but are more profitable.

Remember that life insurance allows you to build up savings in the medium or long term. The money set aside is usually used to finance (unforeseen) needs and future projects. The capital built up gives the possibility of calmly preparing for the future.

Life insurance contracts generating more than 3% return do not run the streets. This is why you need to approach a personal financial adviser. He draws up an appropriate investment vehicle allocation strategy for you. The objective here is to generate a return greater than 3%. There are funds that can achieve such a performance, such as Sociétés Civiles de Placement Immobilier. Eligible in unit-linked within certain life insurance contracts, they can yield between 4% and 7% annual return.

The best option is also to diversify its investment vehicles within the framework of life insurance. Note that funds in euros are guaranteed, but not very profitable. This is quite the opposite of UCs which are more efficient with a higher risk. Of course, the investment horizon remains an important point to consider.

The key figures for life insurance in 2022

Life insurance has not stolen the preferred investment title of the French. Indeed, it is enough to consult the figures published by France insurers to check:

  • 3 billion euros in net inflows at the start of January 2022.
  • Contributions up by +0.3 billion euros compared to 2021 over the same period, i.e. 13.8 billion euros contributed.
  • 1,871 billion euros in outstandings at the end of January, an increase of 4.3% over one year.
  • CUs represent 5.5 billion euros of contributions paid during the month of January 2022. The share of CUs has therefore increased by 800 million euros compared to the first month of 2021.

Life insurance is both a flexible and accessible investment. You are free to designate the beneficiaries of the contract in the event of your death. In addition, taxation is advantageous: your earnings will only be taxed in the event of withdrawal (partial or total). From the eighth anniversary of the contract, an annual allowance of €4,600 (€9,200 for a couple) applies to the capital gains generated.

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