How to obtain a certificate of school insurance?

At the end of the school insurance subscription, you will receive a school certificate as a guarantee certificate for your child in the context of his activities.

This is an essential document when registering in an anger or leisure establishment. We present to you in the rest of the article the different ways to obtain a school certificate.

A certificate of school insurance is a document that the insurer issues to the subscriber as proof that his offspring has a vsopening of school insurance. It includes the contract number, the identity of the insured child, the school year of validity of the insurance, the subscriber’s company name and contact details, as well as the list of coverage included.
The school insurance certificate also contains information on the extra-curricular guarantees covered insofar as you have taken out this type of contract. Obtaining a school insurance certificate requires a prior request from your insurer. You have several options for this:

  • On line ;
  • In an agency;
  • By mail or phone call.

Online subscription is done via your personal space present on the website of your chosen insurance brand. The latter sends the certificate by email to allow you to download it more easily.
You can also apply for a school insurance certificate at the physical branch of your insurer. And finally, you can request your document by phone or by mail and you can receive it by Postal route directly to your home.

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