How to insure your car? LCL: Bank and Insurance

Compulsory car insurance: third-party car insurance

L’insurance third party car also called liability insurancecovers damage your car may cause to third parties: injury to a pedestrian or passenger, damage to another vehicle, etc.

If you take out this form of insurance, you are not compensated for any damage you suffer as a driver (but your passengers are covered). This minimum insurance is mandatory for any type of car : private car, utility car, car without a licence.

If you do not insure your vehicle with this mandatory minimum guaranteeyou can be sanctioned: fine, suspension of the driving license (up to 3 years), cancellation of the driving license and prohibition to retake it for 3 years, confiscation of the vehicleban on driving certain vehicles, etc.

Take out third-party insurance

Third-party insurance is theminimum compulsory car insurance. The premiums are lower than for all-risk insurance but, in return, the driver is not covered for damage that he or his vehicle may suffer.

Third-party insurance and additional guarantees

You can complete third party insurance by taking out other guarantees and options with your insurer to cover more events:

  • collision damage : you are compensated in the event of a collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal if it is identified;
  • fire, theft and vandalism : you are compensated in the event of theft or fire of your vehicle under the conditions and deadlines set by the contract;
  • broken glass : you are covered in the event of damage to your windscreen, and, depending on the contracts, to your windows, headlight lenses and exterior mirrors;
  • storm : you are compensated for damage caused by the storm to your vehicle;
  • natural disaster : you are compensated in the event of material damage caused by a natural disaster if this is recorded by a ministerial order published in the Official Journal;
  • damage suffered by the driver of the vehicle : you are compensated if you are injured in an accident in which you are responsible or if no person is responsible.

To find out more about insurance compensation, see our “Road accident: report and insurance compensation” sheet.

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