how much does school insurance cost?

School insurance covers accidents of which children may be victims or responsible at school. School insurance is optional for compulsory activities that are part of the school curriculum. However, it is often requested by schools. Indeed, it is mandatory for participation in activities offered by the school, such as the canteen, supervised study, outings or discovery classes.
According to an article from the specialized site Family file “The price of a school insurance contract is fixed annually and freely by the insurance companies. It obviously depends on the desired level of coverage through guarantees”. Thus, it is therefore the game of competition that comes into play.

“The price of school insurance generally starts around 9 to 10 € per year and can quadruple to reach up to 40 € annually for the subscription of several guarantees”, details the article. The cost of this insurance remains the same whatever the level of studies of your child. On the other hand, school insurance is individual: it is necessary to subscribe to a contract per child. And this “even if you have several children in the same establishment”, notes the specialized site Reassure me.

To find the cheapest school insurance, you can use comparators that are available online. You can also decide to opt for 100% digital insurance instead. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to calmly compare the different offers.

The editorial staff of inquired with several insurance companies to find out their prices. Specialized insurance MFA (La Mutuelle assurance de l’éducation) explains that the rates vary according to the formula chosen and the level of protection. For example, at the MAE, there are 4 levels of protection adapted to the needs of the child. The price for a simple school insurance, which covers the child during his school activities and on the journey home-school is €11.90 per year. That is the equivalent of 1€ / month. For complete protection, extended to daily activities and leisure 24 hours a day throughout the year, the price is €38.50. At the house of Acheel, school insurance can be taken as an option in your home insurance. The prices range then rather at less than 13 euros per year.

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