How does the insurance malus system work?

The bonus-malus system was put in place to encourage drivers to be more careful on the road. In case of bad driving, the insurance premiums increase automatically.

Find out more about the malus and insurance for malussed drivers.

What is the malus in car insurance?

The malus is an important element of any car insurance contract. This is a penalty that an insurer can impose on an insured who has already been noticed for accidents, speeding or general dangerous behavior at the wheel.

This penalty is very important, because it can increase the insurance premium up to a few hundred euros per year.

The penalty cannot exceed 250%, i.e. 3.5 of CRM (Reduction-Increase Coefficient).

How long does the penalty last?

Any malussed insured must count two years without a responsible claim to see his malus disappear. The coefficient is then reduced to 1, which corresponds to the insurer’s reference premium.

This is a calculation called “rapid descent” which applies regardless of the nature of the penalty.

How to avoid penalties?

As much as possible, it is best to try not to incur any penalties. There are several ways to avoid penalties.

Be extremely careful while driving

The best way to avoid risks and penalties is to be careful in the car. The first thing to do is to get up to date with driving regulations. This changed in 2015 and it will sometimes be necessary to adapt the habits acquired before.

Prefer amicable agreement if the accident is not serious

Minor road accidents do not necessarily require compensation with car insurance. Indeed, in the event of damage without impact on the insured, it is possible to find an amicable arrangement with the other driver.

Be careful when lending your car

The loan of his car is an action that can be very risky. Indeed, if the other driver has a responsible accident, he will not be the only one to receive a penalty. The owner of the borrowed car is also hurt.

How to insure yourself when you are hurt?

A relatively large penalty is a problem because the insured can be terminated by his car insurance company. This can occur in the event of excessively frequent claims, driving offenses relating to alcohol or narcotics, withdrawal or cancellation of a licence, etc.

In the event of termination of his car insurance contract, the insured can then turn to specialized online insurance for malussed drivers. These are also interesting for malussed drivers whose insurance contract has not been terminated but who pay excessively expensive premiums.

This type of car insurance offers the same coverage as conventional car insurance. Although the premium is higher, it is still lower than the premiums charged by traditional insurers. Subscribing to specialized car insurance for impaired drivers can be done simply online and in just a few minutes.

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