Home insurance: should the swimming pool be included?

For several years, the French have been gripped by a real passion for swimming pools. Their number is currently estimated at nearly three million (according to the Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals), France being the European leader in this market. But before building your own equipment or buying a property with a swimming pool, a question arises: what about insurance? You should know that a swimming pool is considered an outdoor facility. As such, it is not covered by default under home insurance. At the time of its commissioning, a swimming pool benefits from a guarantee of perfect completion from the manufacturer, for minor problems, as well as a ten-year guarantee for more serious problems. For adequate coverage, it is therefore essential to turn to your insurer in order to benefit from an extension of guarantee in relation to your home insurance. This is all the more important since, beyond possible material damage, a swimming pool can cause physical damage, even drowning.

What does the swimming pool warranty extension of home insurance cover?

This is undoubtedly the most important point of the swimming pool guarantee, which covers the insured under civil liability. In the event of injury to a person, or worse death, the civil liability of the owner is indeed engaged. A home insurance extended to the swimming pool is therefore essential. On the other hand, this extension makes it possible to benefit from a damage guarantee. The equipment is thus also insured. This guarantee can cover many potential damages: theft of equipment, vandalism, climatic events, electrical accident… The extended guarantee can apply to the pool itself, but also to external elements, such as appliances. maintenance, the technical room, the adjoining property developments…

So many elements that can be specified in the swimming pool guarantee of the housing contract, and to be studied closely before subscribing to an offer. The swimming pool guarantee associated with the home insurance represents a significant additional cost, do not hesitate to play the competition between insurers in order to benefit from the most advantageous tariff possible and from an extended coverage.

Swimming pool insurance, pay attention to safety standards

If you have taken out a swimming pool option in your home insurance contract, you are logically protected and compensated in the event of an incident or accident. However, for this protection to be effective, it should not be forgotten that swimming pools are specific equipment which require compliance with specific safety standards. Each swimming pool must therefore be equipped with a duly approved safety device. This can be an audible alarm (NF P90-307 standard), a rolling shutter or a swimming pool cover (NF P90-308 standard), a barrier protecting access to the pool (standard PF 90-306), or even a swimming pool enclosure which can take the form of a veranda or a light structure (standard PF 90-309). Note that if none of these safety devices has been installed, the consequences can be serious. Not only will the insurance not take into account the swimming pool guarantee in the event of a problem, but the owner can also be fined up to 45,000 euros. Suffice to say that you should not play with safety to enjoy your swimming pool serenely.

To put an end to the legislation and beyond swimming pool insurance, know that the construction of such equipment must respect certain legal distances vis-à-vis public roads and the neighborhood so as not to generate visual or noise pollution.

What about removable above ground pools?

It is important to note that the elements mentioned so far relate to in-ground swimming pools, but such an installation can represent a cost important. However, there are many other pieces of equipment that allow you to cool off in a fun way, whether tubular pools, above ground, self-supporting or even inflatable spas. All of this equipment cannot be included in a home insurance contract under the swimming pool option, because they fall into the category of outdoor furniture.

Do not panic, however, it is still possible to insure them. Instead of subscribing to a swimming pool warranty extension, it is advisable to move towards a garden option. This can also be attached to the home insurance contract, just like a pergola, a terrace, garden furniture… Enough to enjoy these leisure facilities serenely while benefiting from optimal cover in the event of a claim or accident. accident.

(By the editorial staff of the hREF agency)

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