Here’s why “An extraordinary team” is the series to discover this week on Amazon Prime Video!

“An extraordinary team” has taken its place in the Amazon Prime Video catalog like a UFO since August 12. Indeed, the series is a compendium of good humor, courage, sport and especially questions about the condition of lesbians. Unfortunately, for some reason that escapes us, she is not talked about enough. We explain in a few points why this series deserves your attention.

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Women to the rescue of sports society

We are in the middle of World War II. The majority of the men having gone to the front, there are only women left to animate the life of America. The world of sport is no exception to this transformation. Baseball club presidents then had the idea of ​​creating the first American women’s baseball league.

Inspired by a true story, the series was created by Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson who plays the role of Carson Shaw, a mother who gives up everything for baseball. Here, we are not only talking about baseball, but also about the place of women in the 1940s, when they were limited.

In a subtle way, the series interferes in the sexual life of these women, their lesbian or queer loves. Moreover, she plays on the historical rope by integrating black women into her speech.

Why do you have to follow “An extraordinary team”?

The qualities of this series are numerous. First of all, it is interesting to remember that the series is a tribute to the film of the same name which was released in 1992. Although it borrows some references from it, the series is modern, with an original story and characters.

The real strength of “An extraordinary team” is its narrative. In eight episodes, the Rockford Peaches (the baseball team) and its players fascinate us. The pace of their story is dynamic and exciting.

Whether it’s adrenaline, friendship or love, the series manages to make us feel the setbacks of the players, and to become aware of the courage it took them to assume them. We have a special mention for the characters of Max and Clance who show incredible optimism, despite the racism they face.


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