Here’s How Microsoft Contains Cybersecurity Attacks In Schools


Many institutions have embraced e-learning due to the vast resources available on the internet. However, this also comes with its share of setbacks such as cybersecurity attacks. Hence Microsoft’s creation of the Microsoft 365 A5 Educational License, which helps monitor, detect, and contain threats, reducing their susceptibility to attacks. The license also includes all teaching and learning features of Microsoft 365 A3.

The A5 license includes Microsoft Defender which helps protect all Office 365 applications against malicious attacks. “It also includes the tools to address cybersecurity risks from ransomware, malware, phishing, and compromised credentials.” These tools help protect students, course leaders, and data.

With this measure in place, Microsoft is providing educational institutions with sufficient infrastructure and bandwidth to avoid unnecessary interruptions that negatively impact the student’s learning process. Check out Microsoft’s blog to learn more about how the A5 license works, they also provide a detailed case study on how Fulton County Schools integrated it into their system.


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