Health insurance: your Ameli account will be enriched with a very practical service

A year ago, Health Insurance already announced a new service to facilitate the declaration of care for French people when they are abroad. A specific category had been added on its official Ameli website. According to Previssima, Health Insurance is innovating once again, this time it is to speed up the processing of files in France. A new online service will be launched in 2023 to directly inform policyholders of the progress of their file. Everyone can deposit directly on their Ameli account a supporting document that is missing from their file.

The only condition is to have a valid email address. Because Health Insurance will send you an email asking you to submit the missing document if this is the case. A service which is therefore added to the traditional sections of the site where it is possible to download certificates, change bank details, request a European health insurance card (EHIC), declare a new address, the birth of a new born or check the course of his payments and reimbursements as well as those of his beneficiaries in the “My payments” tab.


Distrust if you receive an email from Health Insurance mentioning a data leak

You can also order your vital card, and report its loss or theft. Important to note, because in recent months, carte vitale scams have multiplied. Whether by message or email, scammers pose as Health Insurance and ask you to either change your card or pay for a renewal fee. They are in fact decoys to recover your bank details. Health Insurance also alerts to the scam by telephone where the victim receives a “phone call posing as coming from Health Insurance”, then “the sender of the call will leave a message on your answering machine asking you to call back your CPAM to a number different from 3646”. However, only the number 3646 can be used to reach the CPAM.


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