Health insurance: new on your Ameli account in 2023

Your Ameli account will soon be enriched with a new online service! In order to better inform you of the progress of your file and speed up the processing of your requests, the Health Insurance will offer a service in 2023 that will allow you to submit missing proof.

In detail, you will be notified by email that you must provide a document in your Ameli account. All you have to do is connect to your account from the website or the “Ameli Account” mobile application (available free of charge on GooglePlay or the AppleStore) and submit the missing proof.

What if the email address associated with the account is no longer valid?

You must call 36 46 (free service + cost of the call) to be helped by a health insurance telephone adviser.

What services are already offered on your Ameli account?

As a reminder, your ameli account already allows you to carry out many procedures:

  • view your reimbursements in real time, find and save your monthly statements for the last 27 months;
  • download your certificates of rights or daily allowances;
  • download your tax statement;
  • consult the progress of your work accident file or the history of stoppages;
  • know the estimated date of processing of a procedure (change of situation, work stoppage, reimbursement of health costs, paper care sheet, etc.) in your CPAM;
  • view information about your long-term condition (ALD);
  • order your Vitale card;
  • report the loss or theft of your Vitale card;
  • change your bank and postal details;
  • request or renew your Complementary health insurance online (heading “Complete a procedure”, then “Make a request for Complementary health insurance”);
  • apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC);
  • declare the birth of a newborn;
  • contact an advisor by e-mail from your mailbox in the event that the ameliBot virtual assistant has not provided a satisfactory response;
  • make an appointment.

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