Health insurance deconventions two health centers for false invoices, 1.5 million euros in damage

Located in Yvelines and Seine-Saint-Denis, the two health establishments are deconventioned for a period of five years, without suspension.

“Fraudulent practices.” Health Insurance has canceled two health centers in Île-de-France, it announced this Sunday in a press release. The two establishments concerned are located in Yvelines and Seine-Saint-Denis, the first is dental, the second provides eye care.

Two investigations have lifted the veil on fraudulent practices.

“These centers are notably accused of having established false invoicing and of having invoiced fictitious acts, that is to say not carried out”, can we read in the press release.

1.5 million euros in damage

The financial damage is estimated at 1.5 million euros for the two establishments, specifies the Health Insurance. As a result, it decided to cancel these two centers for five years, without suspension, from January 23 for that of Seine-Saint-Denis and from February 1 for that of Yvelines.

“The deconvention of a health center implies that the Health Insurance only covers the care provided in this center on a very low basis, the authority rate, for example for an ophthalmology consultation at 30 € a refund of €1.22”, she recalls.

In all, 88 dental health centers and 44 ophthalmological centers are subject to checks by Health Insurance, to identify “strong atypical billing”.

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