Health insurance: 30,000 francs in potential savings in ten years


Health Insurance30,000 francs in potential savings in ten years

By choosing the cheapest fund ten years ago, a policyholder was able to save up to 3000 francs per year according to Comparis. Something to think about before the 2023 bonuses!

A bit of paperwork, but it’s worth going for the cheapest crate.

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In just over a month, the health insurance premiums for 2023 will be known. Everyone expects an overall increase of 5%, or even up to 10% depending on the case. It’s time to think about changing funds to take the cheapest one. But generally, the Swiss are very loyal. In 2021 for exampleonly 8.4% of policyholders changed funds, while 31% of premiums increased by more than 2%.

And yet, the potential for savings is significant in a system where an adult pays an average of 4,598 francs per year for his basic premium. Comparis analyzed premium data for the period 2012-2022 and found that policyholders could have saved around CHF 3,000 per year. Anyone who would have moved from the most expensive to the least expensive health insurance ten years ago (staying with it until today) would have saved 36,494 francs in Lausanne, 33,396 francs in Zurich, 31 ‘032 francs in Geneva, 30’064 francs in Bern or 23’789 francs in Lucerne.

The biggest savings in Lausanne

Comparative table of economies by region

Comparative table of economies by region


“With the considerable premium increases expected this fall, the savings potential will be even greater,” says Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis. And to add: “It is the policyholders who have never opted for a cheaper health insurance fund over the past ten years, who could have saved the most money. They should therefore not complain about the increase in premiums,” he concludes.

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