He drives a Lamborghini without insurance, the police seize the supercar

Posted on the side of the road, the police officers inevitably have their eyes drawn to this flashy blue Lamborghini Huracan. So they decide, just like that, to scan his license plate.

Oh surprise, the latter is not recorded. The police then set off in pursuit of the supercar before arresting it, a few kilometers further along the highway.

The police then control the car, but especially its driver. Problem, the Lamborghini does not belong to him. She belongs to a friend. In addition, he drives without being insured. It is obviously a violation of the Highway Code forcing them to seize the luxurious sports car. To leave, the driver had to call on a friend.

A racing car at more than €190,000

With the seizure of this Lamborghini Huracan, British law enforcement has made a very good pick. Obviously, its owner will come to collect it, but he will then have to explain why the plate was not approved.

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