GROUPAMA HORIZON RETRAITE: Opinions and advice on this Life Insurance policy


Accessible to the greatest number, from just 300 euros, or from 50 € per month, automatic payments allow you to build up capital.

When you retire, you have the choice between different solutions: let your capital grow as long as you don’t need it, receive a lump sum or an annuity to supplement your retirement

In the event of incapacity for work before payment of the pension, under the Relay Guarantee(1), the regular contributions are paid by the insurer.

In the event of death before liquidation of the pension, depending on the guarantees chosen by the insured, the capital constituted is paid to the beneficiaries in the form of an immediate annuity and may not be less than the accumulated contributions invested.

Management methods

The closer the retirement age approaches, the more it is necessary to adapt the management of your savings according to your investor profile and the amount of capital acquired throughout your life.

Depending on your saver profile, you can choose between several management methods:

  • Over-the-horizon management : Depending on the time remaining until your retirement, your capital is automatically divided between several units of account and the fund in euros for progressive security of your savings. The closer you get to retirement, the more secure the investments;
  • Free management : You are free to choose the distribution of your savings within the range of units of account (UA) selected by our experts and the fund in euros.

Additional guarantees

The Groupama Horizon Retraite contract provides insurance against life events thanks to provident cover:

  • Relay Warranty : in the event of incapacity for work, the payment of the periodic contributions is borne by the insurer until the liquidation of the pension.
  • Increased reversion guarantee : in the event of the death of the insured during the savings phase, the beneficiary will immediately receive an annuity calculated on 100% of the savings that would have been acquired by the insured if he had contributed up to the age of 67.
  • Floor Warranty : in the event of the death of the insured before liquidation, the capital paid to the beneficiary will not be less than the total of the savings contributions net of costs.

Warning : Investments made in units of account present a risk of capital loss, and are not guaranteed by the insurer. Its commitment is limited to the number of units of account held and not to their value. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time.

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