Goodbye Office Insider program, here comes Microsoft 365 Insider

The Redmond giant is in full transformation. From Microsoft, they decided to do without the legendary name of Office in favor of the Microsoft 365 Insider program. In line with the recent Microsoft 365 brand push, all Office Insiders will continue to receive Insider updates. This is an extension of the current program, not a change from what was already available.

The Microsoft 365 Insider Program begins its journey

The Office Insider program was originally launched in late 2015. It will continue to exist under the new brand, and users will be able to try out Office features and provide feedback to Microsoft through the Microsoft 365 Insider program. The new name aligns more closely with Microsoft’s current vision for its software and expands the range of products Insiders can try.

Microsoft 365 has grown over the years to include several applications that are not part of the Office suite. Microsoft has clarified that it will continue to use the Office brand where appropriate, but the company has largely changed to the Microsoft 365 name. In particular, consumers and businesses can continue to purchase Office 2021 as a standalone product and plans Office LTSC.

An Insider blog post announces the program’s new name. It includes some questions and answers, such as “what changes” Yes “When will these changes take place”. In short, the program extends to include Microsoft 365 apps and services that aren’t part of the Office suite. The changes have already started rolling out and will continue until March 2023.

A change that is still risky due to the implementation of the Office brand. However, at Microsoft, they are convinced of this change with the growth of Office. The brand is no longer just an office suite, it’s much more.

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