GARANCE expands its brokerage strategy and business development

A first year 2022 which validates GARANCE’s new development strategy with brokers and CGPI. The company has developed an exclusive offer for brokerage and announces a net fund rate in euros of 2.45%[1] for its “CELEBEA VIE” multi-support life insurance contract for the year 2022, which boasts one of the most efficient rates on the brokerage market.

GARANCE demonstrates its ability to adapt its know-how to the issues of brokers and CGPI: approach to savings by life projects, financial performance and selectivity of its unit-linked offer.

After a year, the brokerage sector of GARANCE confirms its expertise via its offer dedicated to CGPs.

To meet the demand of its network of intermediaries made up of brokers, wealth management advisers (CGP), financial investment advisers (CIF), GARANCE created a department a year ago dedicated exclusively to supporting its distribution partners. This activity is based on the GARANCE Smart Life solution: a unique platform for managing savings backed by “CELEBEA vie”, its life insurance contract. pastedGraphic.png

“CELEBEA VIE” Exclusive multi-support life insurance contract for brokers

UC, The rate of return of the “CELEBEA VIE” fund in euros is 2.45% for 2022.

“CELEBEA VIE” is a life insurance contract that brings together a wide choice of media, which allows brokers’ and CGPs’ clients to manage their savings according to their life plans and to diversify their investment. Thanks to its units of account (UC) and its support in euros, “CELEBEA VIE” is an ideal product for customers looking for performance while limiting risk.

To diversify its savings, GARANCE offers the possibility of dividing its investment between:

• The fund in euros [1] which reduces exposure to the vagaries of the financial markets. The savings are secure, the paid-in capital net of fees is guaranteed and thus the savings cannot decrease.

• Support in units of account [2]. These investment vehicles are backed by Undertakings for Collective Investment (OPC) and their value varies upwards or downwards depending on the evolution of the financial markets.

[1] The fund in euros is considered a safe fund par excellence since its return cannot be negative. Investors are therefore guaranteed never to suffer a capital loss.

[2] A unit of account corresponds to a unit or share of the support. The value of supports in units of account is likely to evolve upwards or downwards depending on market fluctuations. Investment in unit-linked supports bears a risk of capital loss. Only the number of units of account is guaranteed by GARANCE.

A targeted expansion of the offer that gives meaning

With the awareness of major environmental and societal issues, the relationship of the French to their savings has evolved considerably. To meet this need, GARANCE in partnership with the

fund selection specialist QUANTALYS is expanding its range of units of account, increasing from 18 to around 40 units of account.

With “CELEBEA VIE”, savers have access to a selection of around forty unit-linked products from several asset classes (equities, bonds, money market, commodities) in active, passive, ESG and geographically diversified management . This expansion was designed to give meaning to savings. Thus, certain units of account make it possible to choose themes that are dear to investors, such as the environment, sustainable or local development, social issues, solidarity, etc. This range of units of account will be expanded very soon.

Giving meaning to savings through life projects

Depending on their profile and their values, savers in search of meaning will find concrete answers to their expectations thanks to GARANCE. Indeed, it offers an original and unique approach: savings are organized by life projects (study of children, travel, real estate, etc.), each project having its own time horizon and level of risk.

GARANCE Smart Life, an unprecedented digital platform

GARANCE Smart Life is a tool fully adapted to the needs of brokers and CGPs. This platform is revolutionizing life insurance by managing the savings invested by life projects. This very intuitive digital interface allows heritage professionals to

differentiate by providing in-depth support to their clients who would like to diversify their savings and benefit from better long-term prospects thanks to UCs.

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