From SpaceX to Twitter, what is Elon Musk’s real project?

On October 26, a hilarious Elon Musk burst into Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, carrying… a sink (sink). He posts the video and tweets: “I’m entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in! » Which basically means: “You’ll have to make up your mind, now I’m the boss here!” The next day, he completes – for 44 billion dollars – his takeover of the global social network with some 400 million users. Since then, not a day goes by without the multi-billionaire making a buzz: from his erratic management of the firm to the blue bird to the restoration of Donald Trump’s account, from his recent post qualifying him as“epic” the anti-Western predictions of Dmitry Medvedev (close to Putin) to the suspension – then the restoration – of the Twitter profiles of journalists critical of him…

Musk is no longer just the second fortune on the planet (he was briefly the first, before being overtaken by Frenchman Bernard Arnault), the visionary entrepreneur, the brutal manager with the ways of a provocative child who revolutionized in a spectacular automotive and space industries with Tesla and SpaceX. By getting his hands on Twitter, he distorts the rules of public debate and freedom of expression, the foundations of democratic life. He even takes himself for a new Kissinger by proposing peace plans between Russia and Ukraine, or appeasement between China and Taiwan.

Do his skids sound the beginning

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