forget Black Friday, Amazon is going mad this Saturday

Ten days after the start of the sales, Amazon and others are still releasing new offers. We went around to identify the nuggets not to be missed. The ruptures have already been very numerous since the beginning of the second markdown.

For this second weekend of sales, Amazon and its counterparts continue to be very aggressive on pricing. To help you find attractive offers as quickly as possible, we have put together an up-to-date selection. This Saturday and Sunday, the discounts will be the same provided that the stock is still afloat.

For the past ten days, the winter sales have been in full swing on all merchant sites and in physical stores. This period is always a high point in the commercial calendar in France. Historically, this operation has been the most prolific for merchants thanks to higher than normal discounts.

Indeed, sales are the only time of year when merchants can sell at a loss – on a very specific selection of products. If a referral meets the conditions, then Amazon can sell the product below its purchase price to the supplier. This therefore makes him an accounting loss, but on the other hand it allows him to empty his warehouse to go on new references.

To avoid harming competition, sales are highly regulated. This does not prevent e-merchants like Amazon from making parallel discounts on products which are therefore not officially on sale, but just on promotion. In the end, the period remains very intense with very good deals to be seized on all product categories.

Why is Amazon so busy during the sales?

The winter sales are at a strategic time of the year. Indeed, the French often take advantage of their thirteenth month or their Christmas money to make purchases that will serve the rest of the year. They therefore take advantage of this month of discounts to buy products on an ad hoc basis. Often, people delay their purchases to make them during the sales and to be guaranteed a bargain.

In the list above on this page, you have our selection of offers available for sales at Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. This is only a small part of the discounts that are actually available on all these merchant platforms. They affect all product categories: electronics, household appliances, decoration, beauty, etc.

The strong point of the sales compared to Black Friday, for example, is that everyday products are also at shock prices. This is the case, for example, of large household appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines, bedding or even televisions. You can save hundreds of dollars on premium products. You just have to find the right offer and the right place.

If the discount percentages are so high during sales on Amazon, it is because the merchant is selling certain products at a loss. That said, sometimes it is better to have 10 or 20% off a product that you really like than to have a big discount on a product that does not interest you at all. It is therefore up to you to find the right compromise between what you like and the price.

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Among the big names in these sales, Dyson stands out alongside Microsoft or Apple. Officially, they are not on sale but they still show small discounts. This is only a small legal difference but it does not change anything for the customer. In the end, this allows you, for example, to take advantage of 150 euros reduction on the latest generation Dyson vacuum cleaners or even on the latest smartphones.

Out of stock for sales

The government has reduced the sales period from 6 to 4 weeks. The consequence is that merchants can no longer wait for too many successive markdowns to lower prices. They are therefore under pressure to display low prices more quickly. It also means that the general public has to respond more quickly.

For the past few days, we have therefore logically seen stock shortages on all e-commerce sites. For sales, Amazon or Cdiscount are not spared. The two largest e-tailers in France are forced to make efforts to replenish their stock as well as possible. Unfortunately, there are even some big brands that are out of stock on their flagship products. It is therefore sometimes necessary to wait weeks before the next delivery.

When it comes to periods like the winter sales, there is bound to be tension on the stock. It is therefore necessary to know how to hurry to seize the products which you like and which benefit from reduced prices. If you are in a hurry, sometimes you make the wrong choice. On the internet, you are lucky to always have a safety net.

Indeed, customers are protected by law: all e-merchants are obliged to give you 14 days after delivery to change your mind. This allows you to return it and get a refund. For example, if you find a product you like during the sales, Cdiscount lets you return it within 14 days. Amazon goes even further by giving you 30 days to make a return and get a refund.

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