Foncia, the trustee, has not paid the insurance and refuses to pay for the work

After a fire, the co-owners of a building in Marseille realized that the building had not been insured for two years. An error by the trustee of co-ownership, Foncia, who nevertheless refuses to carry out the necessary work at his expense.

Last June, a fire destroyed two floors of the building where Nawel and his parents-in-law live in Marseille. Seven months later, the building is still not renovated. Four families have still not been able to return home and the other 12 live in a dilapidated building.

Their daily life is turned upside down. “Residents survive in the building but the building is damaged, the intercoms don’t work, you have to go down to open the bottom and there is flooding almost every week. The elevator only works to the 3rd floor” , says Nawel at the microphone of “RMC is committed to you”, RMC and RMC Story.

Same for electricity: “We are connected to a temporary meter, with large cables that pass through the cellars and Enedis does not answer us for the moment”, adds Nawel, who is a member of the union council of the Le Tyrolien condominium. .

Co-ownership not insured since 2019

If the work has still not been carried out, seven months after the fire, it is because the trustee of the co-ownership, Foncia, has not paid the insurance. “We realized that the co-ownership had not been insured since 2019”, explains Nawel.

An endless story since Foncia, which did not pay the insurance, refuses to renovate and claims 87,000 euros from the owners for the first work carried out. A sum that the owners obviously refuse to pay since insurance should cover the loss.

The trustee refuses to pay for his mistake

Foncia clearly recognizes its responsibility. If the building wasn’t insured, it’s their fault. But the company refuses for the moment to pay for its error. After requests from RMC, the insurers of each apartment met last Friday: they are looking for a solution to cover the 87,000 euros. And that’s the least of it.

Foncia will then have to carry out the renovation work at its own expense. Alerted, the town hall of Marseille, which is following this file very closely, ensures that Foncia keeps its commitments.

Amélie Rosique, Elise Denjean and Joanna Chabas

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