flash promotion on the famous Brita filter carafe not to be missed

Drinking filtered water has many benefits: it has less limestone, chlorine and lead and becomes pure. The Brita carafe filters tap water. Amazon offers it to you with an unmissable discount.

When you filter tap water, you only keep its purity. The filters of the Brita carafe, on sale at Amazon, reduce the presence of limestone, chlorine and lead. The water is fresh, with a pure taste. You reduce your plastic bottle waste, which is better for the environment. The Brita carafe is 19.99 euros at Amazon instead of 22.90 euros. It is your ally for purified water, but also for a simplified daily life. You no longer need to buy plastic bottles, reducing your expenses and your environmental footprint.

The Brita filter carafe enjoys a flash sale on Amazon

The Brita carafe works with a MAXTRA+ filter that lasts 4 weeks. It consists of micro carbon beads that reduce chlorine and organic impurities. The filter improves the taste and smell of your drinks, but also of food when you heat water to prepare a meal. It also contains ion exchange pearls which permanently absorb heavy metals and reduce limescale.

Drink purer water

Amazon offers the carafe for less than 20 euros for a limited time. She owns a slim design which allows you to store it in the fridge to drink constantly fresh water. It offers a filtered water capacity of 1.4 liters and a total capacity of 2.4 liters. Good news: it is dishwasher safe (except the lid). The carafe includes a “PerfectFit” function that ensures optimal water filtration with the MAXTRA+ filter. Drink filtered water now with Amazon discount.

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