Find out how much insurance against theft or damage to your bike would cost you

With the rise in fuel prices, the increasing number of traffic jams in major cities and the desire to keep in shape, the bicycle has become a fashionable means of transport.

The demand has therefore increased considerably in recent years. However, this has also led to an upsurge in thefts. Taking out insurance is therefore essential to be able to limit the damage. Here’s what it’s expected to cost consumers.

Several types of guarantees offered

As much as car insurance or home insurance, the civil liability guarantee is always present. This is the one that covers any damage that has been caused by the cyclist to a third party. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to be reimbursed for theft or damage caused to your own equipment.

Nevertheless, there are better-heard contracts. Insurers offer, in fact, protect against the risk of damage to the bike, particularly in the event of a fall, vandalism or even a traffic accident. In the same way, guarantees are also available for cases of theft. The level of reimbursement really depends on the formula that has been chosen.

Types of bikes covered

As a general rule, all types of bicycles can be insured by their owner. However, there may be specific offers depending on the model. Thus, special conditions are, for example, established for e-bikes.

Similarly, contracts provide cover for bicycles used for deliveries by couriers. In addition, competition bikes may also be subject to specific warranties.

In all cases, theft or damage are most often part of the claims covered. The only condition is that the frame be new at the time of subscription (purchased less than three months ago maximum).

What budget should you plan?

Although the covers can be extremely advantageous, it all depends on the rates and the costs they will incur for consumers. With regard to theft and damage cover, the contribution is on average €10 per month for optimal protection. However, there are cheaper contracts around 50 € per year.

The most comprehensive formulas can easily cost around €200 per year. The model or the place of residence of the owner can have a great influence on the prices.

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