Farewell to an inexplicable limitation in the Windows Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has been around since Windows 8 and has had countless issues ever since. She had not been able to attract developers until today and the replicas of applications have succeeded. A few days ago, Rudy Huyn discovered a curious bug in the Microsoft Store which has finally been fixed.

The extraordinary case of comments in the Microsoft Store

Lead Store Architect Rudy Huyn shared some weird information about the Store in Windows 10 and 11. It turns out that the Windows Store was having trouble counting past 2,000 reviews, resulting in the wrong number of reviews. notice.

With the bug fixed, the Microsoft Store now displays the correct number of reviews for a particular app or game. This is a welcome change that will help users better gauge the popularity of a specific product. Hopefully Microsoft plans to add new features to its store or implement some of the more popular changes that users want to see. At the moment, there is one less peculiarity in this popular application.

It seems that the Microsoft Store is finally coming out of its apathy and abandonment and, in addition to improving its performance, it is resolving past failures. The incorporation of Rudy Huyn into the project has been a success and the results are evident.

If you’re not keeping up with what’s new in this app, the Microsoft Store recently received price tag improvements and the ability to discover editions. Additionally, after developer backlash, Microsoft revised its store policies, giving the green light to open source-based payment apps.

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