Fall for the popular Logitech G29 steering wheel on super promotion at Amazon

Attention racing game fans: this Logitech steering wheel & pedals set is on sale on Amazon, and it’s worth a look!

To enhance the immersion of your car games, there’s nothing like a steering wheel to drive them in (almost) real conditions! The very popular Logitech G29 steering wheel and its three pedals, usually displayed at a price of 399 euros, goes to only 258.99 euros during a promotion. Discover the joys of car simulation thanks to this accessory rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon!

Promotion at Amazon on this racing wheel compatible with PS4, PS5, PC & Mac

The first argument that makes this steering wheel particularly popular with players: its versatility. While its design includes classic PS4 and PS5 keys, the Logitech G29 is also compatible with PCs and Macs. Immersion is immediately there, thanks to the steering wheel with a 900° rotation amplitudewhich gives you total control of the vehicle, and Logitech Driving Force technology, which transcribes the slightest vibrations from the road using two powerful motors.

High-end finishes for this Logitech G29 steering wheel

On the side of the pedals, the quality is also there. The Logitech G29 includes three: one for the throttle, one for the clutch and one for the brake. You can adjust their height and depth, for better comfort in use. This last argument is valid for all the accessories: the steering wheel is covered in leather with a high-end visual appearance and appreciable tactile comfort, and it is fitted with clamps and bolts to be easily fixed and remain stable during driving. race.

Find here the Amazon offer on the Logitech G29 steering wheel

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