Everything you need to know about car insurance

Nearly 1 million collector cars are listed and registered in France today. But like all vehicles, they must be insured. Fortunately, if the price of these beautiful vehicles can reach heights, their insurance premiums are on the other hand much more reasonable. We tell you everything.

Let’s first remember that a classic car is an old automobile model that is at least 30 years old. This one is then not obliged to undergo an auto technical inspection every 2 years but every 5 years and has a specific gray card.

Why insure a classic car?

Besides the value of your property, the reason is primarily legal. Any owner of a car, “ordinary” or collection is obliged to insure his vehicle. Thus, driving without car insurance is an offense punishable by law regardless of the type of vehicle. Under French law, anyone who tries to drive without being insured would be liable to a fine of 3750 euros, a possible license suspension of up to 3 years and possible confiscation of your vehicle.

You must therefore take out collector’s car insurance. You can choose to cover your car through classic car insurance or more specific car insurance. It all depends on your criteria and your budget!

What are the conditions ?

The eligibility criteria to be able to subscribe to an insurance contract are strict and precise. Thus, the insured must:

  • be over 21 years old
  • have had a driving license for at least 36 months
  • not having had any disputes (accident) for at least 24 months
  • owning another newer vehicle for commuting
  • be a natural person: companies cannot claim this type of insurance

It may also be that the classic car insurance company asks to see the gray card to attest to the special character of the car.

What are the preferred guarantees?

There is no right answer. It all depends on the type of vehicle you own. As a general rule, specific insurance for old cars will offer you:

  • Circuit coverage, ideal if your classic car takes part in supervised sports competitions
  • Accessory cover and fittings, to reimburse all your equipment in the event of theft or vandalism
  • Breakdown assistance cover, in the event of a problem on the road, in order to send you help
  • Reimbursement coverage, according to the official rating of the vehicle in the event of a claim

Contrary to what one might think, classic car insurance is not more expensive than another. On the contrary, it may even be less expensive than a classic car. However, the warranties you choose to protect your vehicle may increase the bill. To find the offer best suited to your needs and your profile, contact your insurer, get a first idea using a classic car insurance comparator, or turn to a specialist such as Mascotte Assurances for sound advice. You will make significant savings, don’t hesitate!

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