Employees deprived of a five-minute break

While the employees of the Amazon factory located in Lauwin-Planque (Hauts-de-France) had negotiated an extension of their five-minute break, the giant decided to reconsider this agreement. If the employees had been warned, it is still a cold shower.

During the pandemic, Amazon implemented an extended five-minute break. The firm also explains that this exceptional measure was destined to be stopped as soon as the crisis ended. Thus, with the end of the state of health emergency, on July 31, Amazon contacted all of its employees at the factory in Lauwin-Planque, a town in Hauts-de-France, to warn them of the end of this emergency. special measure.

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Amazon justifies removing the five-minute break

From Monday 1er August, the extension of the five-minute break is no longer for Lauwin-Planque employees. Amazon explains in the registered letter sent to factory employees in July: ” From the start of the pandemic, we acted to adapt more than 150 processes on our Covid-related sites. The increase in break times of 5 minutes has been put in place for a temporary period, in order to allow employees to respect social distancing and follow the one-way traffic put in place. With the lifting of the corporate health protocol by the government, Amazon has chosen to stagger the relief of these measures. »

For their part, the employees still hoped that Amazon would choose to keep this extension of the five-minute break. Indeed, for some employees of the Lauwin-Planque plant, this benefit was a way of rewarding them for all the work done in recent years, when e-commerce sites operated at full speed during the pandemic.

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Wage increases, benefits… The discontent of unions and employees of Amazon France

More generally, the length of breaks or the flexibility of working hours are all advantages that are granted to employees and which make it possible to compensate for sometimes unattractive remuneration. If the employees of Amazon Hauts-de-France wanted to keep this extension of five minutes, it is also to offset wage increases which are difficult to obtain.

Asked by La Voix du Nord, Christophe Bocquet, Force Ouvrière union representative, is exasperated: “ Besides that, it’s a hassle to get real salary increases. When we go on a break, or when we go home, we already lose between 5 to 10 minutes at the security gates. Even with these five minutes more, the account was not there… Given the heat, the measure could have at least been extended during the summer. “Amazon ensures that in return they now allow employees to have their phones on them.

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