Elon Musk supports Emmanuel Macron

Elon Musk highlights the increasing life expectancy in France. ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS

“Macron is doing a difficult, but fair thing,” said the boss of Twitter on his social network.

An unexpected supporter of pension reform. Elon Musk supported the government and Emmanuel Macron on Friday on his social network Twitter. In response to a video of a demonstration against the reform Thursday in Lyon, the boss of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX estimated that “Macron does a difficult but fair thing“.

The retirement age of 62 was set when life expectancy was much shorter. It is impossible for a small number of workers to support a massive number of retirees“, he added. A tweet liked 63,000 times and shared nearly 4,000 times. As a reminder, the government’s plan aims to postpone the legal retirement age to 64, which it wishes to associate with an acceleration of the extension of the contribution period to 43 annuities.

The postponement of the retirement age to 62 was introduced in 2010 under Nicolas Sarkozy. Since then, life expectancy has progressed very little in France, contrary to what Elon Musk claims. According to INSEE figures, it stood at the time at 84.6 years for women and 78 years for men. In 2022, it stood respectively at 85.2 years (+0.8 years) for women and 79.3 years (+1.3 years) for men.

A meeting between the two men last December

Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk met in early December 2022, during the French president’s state visit to the United States. Following their interview in New Orleans (Louisiana), the French head of state assured on Twitter that he had “a clear and sincere discussionwith Elon Musk.

Transparent terms of use, significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of expression: Twitter must make the effort to comply with European regulations“, wrote Emmanuel Macron in particular. “It was an honor to see you again. We look forward to our exciting projects in France!“Wrote Elon Musk in response to one of the head of state’s tweets.

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