Do you buy your jewelry online on sites like Amazon, AliExpress or Wish? That wouldn’t be a good idea

by Lauren Soukiassian

Even if the prices are sometimes very attractive compared to conventional jewellers, buying jewelery on certain e-commerce sites could prove to be dangerous for your health, according to Test Achats.

Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets… These online shopping sites like, Amazon or AliExpress offer very tempting prices. But with what consequences? We often ask ourselves the question of ethics with fast fashion and working conditions, for example. But here, it would even be a question of your health.

Buying jewelry online: be careful!

Test Achats, the consumer organization, recently analyzed 40 costume jewelery purchased on 8 marketplaces including Amazon, AliExpress, Bol and Wish. 8 of them contained heavy metals in proportions beyond the limits imposed by European regulations. What consequences for you? Well heavy metal toxicity can have serious repercussions on your health.

“Some jewels thus contained 14 times the maximum rate of nickel, 40 times the maximum rate of lead and 4,300 times the maximum rate of cadmium! “says Jean-Philippe Ducart, the organization’s spokesperson. “Unfortunately, we have to note that market places carry out too few checks, and are limited to checking the labeling or the technical sheet of suppliers, often located abroad”, he regrets.

Nickel, to which about 10% of the population is sensitive, can cause allergies and contact dermatitis. Cadmium and lead are stored in the body, where they accumulate. Worn in the mouth, jewelry containing a lot of cadmium can cause headaches, kidney problems, and cardiovascular problems. And even at low doses, lead can have toxic effects on the body, especially in the nervous system, bone marrow and kidneys.

A tip: think twice before buying jewelry on sites of this style.

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