development is threatened, the fault of Microsoft layoffs

On January 18, Microsoft began a massive restructuring plan, resulting in the departure of more than 11,000 employees around the world. As feared by many specialists and journalists, the video game division of the company has been severely affected, including the studios of Bethesda and 343 Industries.

Credit: Bethesda

We mentioned it in our columns yesterday. This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Microsoft launched a major restructuring plan, resulting in the layoff of more than 11,000 employees around the world. In October 2022, the Redmond firm had already fired more than 1,000 people working in several branches of the American giant.

And if we knew that the Engineering division was going to be affected by these departures, our colleagues from the Bloomberg site have just confirmed that this will also be the case for the Gaming division. According to reputable journalist Jason Schreier, veterans from major Microsoft studios including 343 Industries (Halo) and Bethesda Games (The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield) have been invited to take the door.

Some of those who lost their jobs were veterans who had worked for Xbox for over a decade […] Microsoft doesn’t give specific numbers, but several employees have told me that 343 Industries has been hit hard. This comes after a long period of hiring freezes and the departure of many contract workers,” explains the journalist on Twitter.

Microsoft fires many developers from Halo Infinite and Starfield

For his part, Patrick Wen, former designer on Halo Infinite now working at Respawn Entertainment, denounced on the social network “incompetent leadership at the top during the development of Halo Infinite”. We remember that the development of the title was marked by many setbacks, which notably led to the postponement of the release of the game for a year.

Going back to the statements of Jason Schreier, the journalist also claims that developers have been forced to leave Bethesda Games Studios, currently at work on the highly anticipated Starfield. Unfortunately, the company refused to give precise details on the number of departures, as well as on the potential consequences of these dismissals on the monitoring, development and release of games from the studios concerned… In parallel, Jason Schreier recalls that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earned no less than $54.95 million in 2022.

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