Dev Box, Microsoft stations for developing on Azure

To accelerate the delivery of secure enterprise development environments, Microsoft is launching the Dev Box service on Azure in preview.

Being able to quickly provide teams of developers with secure, high-performance environments is what the Dev Box cloud service provides. Microsoft just announced it in preview on Azure Portal. By presenting it, the Redmond publisher has fun reminding us that it is sometimes difficult for corporate developers to obtain the material resources they need for their projects, at least within a reasonable time.

This managed service creates workstations on Azure tailored to the needs of specific projects. “Developers can focus on writing their code (…) rather than trying to get a working environment,” slips Microsoft. These virtual machine-based workstations are pre-configured with the tools and settings that developers need for their various tasks. And they can create their own boxes if they need to move quickly from one project to another to experiment with a proof-of-concept.

Centrally managed Dev Boxes

Dev Box supports IDEs, SDKs and tools that run on Windows, as well as all workloads that can be built from this OS, as well as cross-platform applications through Windows Subsystem for Linux or Android. These environments are accessed remotely from any terminal under Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS or via a web browser. Since Dev Boxes also take advantage of Windows 365, IT administrators can centrally manage them with other physical endpoints through Intune and Endpoint Manager.

All development tools running under Windows can be used, for example the cross-platform .NET MAUI framework to create desktop and mobile applications with C# and XAML. (Credit: Microsoft) Enlarge image

During the preview availability period, enterprises get a free 8vCPU and 32GB memory SKU dev box each month (for the first 15 hours), plus the first 365 hours of a storage dev box 512 GB SSD SKU. Pricing is also based on consumption per hour, depending on the amount of compute and storage consumed.

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