Design, Create a Business Card Using Microsoft Publisher

The Microsoft Office suite includes a program Microsoft Publisher which can be used to create high-quality, professional marketing materials and publications, such as newsletters and brochures. Creating business cards using Publisher is easier and more convenient than in another Office suite program.

Create a business card using Microsoft Publisher

1. Launch the Microsoft Publisher application from the Start menu.


The app can be invoked from the taskbar in case you pinned the same there.

2. Go to Backstage, “Case” > “New” > “Company Cards“.

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3. Microsoft Publisher will show you a list of available business card templates. Choose one of the templates from the list, then click “Create” or double-click the template.


4. The selected template will be opened in an editable environment. Details such as name, title, address, telephone, logo, etc. can be changed here.

5. Also, there are many tools in the ribbon that can be used to customize the business card document.


Details such as margins, orientation and alignment can be set. Also, the color scheme and fonts can be customized. Objects such as image, image holder and table borders can be inserted into the document. The header, footer, page number, etc. can also be defined.

6. To edit company information, go to “Case” > “information” > “Edit company information“.

7. By clicking on the Edit company information will bring up a dialog box & so you can customize these settings. After making the changes, click “to safeguard” to keep the changes.

8. Settings for color schemes, embedded fonts, etc. can be customized from the “information” > “Commercial Print Settings“.

9. After finishing formatting and editing the business card, to print, go to “Case” > “To print“. In Printing, you can set options such as number of pages to print, document quality, etc. before printing.

10. After making changes to the print, click “To print” to print the business card. The number of business cards to be printed on each page can be defined. The maximum number of business cards to be printed on paper is ten.

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To create business cards in Microsoft Publisher, you can follow the steps above. Although things have changed a lot, you can find the exact same options in exactly the same place. Whether you want to create a new business card or edit an old one, you can do it with the help of Microsoft Publisher.

Can the editor create maps?

Yes, Microsoft Publisher can create cards. Whether you want to create a business card, a greeting card or something else, you can do it with the help of the editor. For your information, the latest version of Publisher comes with more options than any older version.


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