Deal will end without pharmacare bill, warns Singh

New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Jagmeet Singh has said that if the Liberal government does not bring a pharmacare bill to the House of Commons this year, it will view it as a breach of deal between the two parties.

Both parties signed a support and trust agreement last March, under which the NDP agreed to support the minority Liberal government in key votes until 2025.

In return, the Liberals must advance certain priorities of the NDPin particular by adopting a law on drug insurance by the end of this year.

Singh said health care will remain his party’s top priority in the next session.

He also said his party would withdraw its support for the Liberal government if it did not extend dental coverage this year.

Mr Singh said he wanted to see expanded dental coverage for teenagers, the elderly and people living with disabilities, which is also spelled out in the agreement between the two parties.

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