Creation of a sustainable agricultural insurance structure in Mali: The actors concerned in conclave

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural Development, Mr. Daniel Siméon Kelema, chaired on Thursday, January 19, 2029 at the Radisson Collection hotel in Bamako, the work of the consultation workshop for the institutionalization of agricultural insurance in Mali .

Co-organized by the Inclusive project in partnership with SOCODEVI-DA-TA-FLASQ, this meeting aims to set up a sustainable structure for agricultural insurance in Mali.

The institutionalization of agricultural insurance in Mali is a priority for the State of Mali and its partners. Indeed, in the face of climate change, its consequences and other threats related to economic, commercial and competitive factors, agricultural insurance is the appropriate weapon for the State of Mali and its partners in response to these threats.

And for the Secretary General of the Department of Rural Development, Daniel Kelema: “The mission of institutionalizing Agricultural Insurance in Mali is now a reality. It appropriates the achievements made by the FARM project in the field. The creation of the steering committee for the implementation of agricultural insurance in Mali (PAR-UEMOA Committee) is proof of this”.

This meeting, which brought together the various actors involved, aims to outline the guidelines for the start of the work to create a sustainable structure for agricultural insurance in our country. Whose implementation program is ensured by the Inclusive project, in collaboration with a Canadian NGO, SOCODEVI/DATAF-FLAQ’S Technologies INC. And, in synergy with all the partners and parties involved, they are in charge of defining the ways and means to achieve the massive adherence of agricultural producers to agricultural insurance that meets the needs of agricultural holdings in Mali.

Indeed, several initiatives had been attempted in this direction, which were confronted with obstacles. The long-term agricultural insurance structure will make it possible to capitalize on all these experiences and federate efforts in the direction of covering all risks related to all activities in the rural world (subsistence farming, livestock farming, fishing or logging), explained Mr. Kelema. And to invite all the stakeholders in the program, namely implementing actors, financial partners in the program, to act in synergy for the strengthening of the partnership and the establishment of the agricultural insurance window in Mali. “In view of all the existing challenges, I would like to appeal to the actors in charge of implementation to appropriate the concepts and above all to encourage the large-scale adherence of agricultural producers to ReCIR on the national territory”, a- he asked.

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