Covid-19, Visa and MasterCard cards… The answers to your main questions

The French are generally partially covered by Social Security, their complementary health insurance or their bank card. But the Covid-19 introduces new risks and around forty countries impose specific insurance in 2022. Maridav –

The French can travel to an increasing number of destinations, but many restrictions remain in force. The risks associated with Covid-19 require you to check that you are well insured to cover any costs of quarantine, on-site treatment or repatriation, including for those vaccinated.

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to profoundly change the way we travel: vaccination pass, antigen test or PCR before boarding a plane, wearing a mask, vaccination pass, risk of quarantine… All of this is now part of the getaway abroad, in the same way as a passport or a visa. Solid coverage for cancellations, health costs or repatriation will be more often necessary or even mandatory since 41 countries impose it in 2022, and not the least (Thailand, Cuba, Oman, Kenya…), now impose it.

In this context, it becomes imperative to know to what extent your insurance covers you before packing your suitcase, and to ask yourself about the advisability of taking out specific travel insurance which, at this stage, remains optional for a French traveler.

Do I need to take out additional travel insurance?

Often considered a nice to have “, a gadget that we can afford not to take, travel insurance, especially in its health costs part, covers in…

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