Coulommiers. Borrower insurance: Patricia Lemoine’s bill adopted

Patricia Lemoine worked for 18 months on this bill (©National Assembly)

“A major step forward for access to real estate credit and the purchasing power of millions of French people”. Patricia LemoineDeputy Acting of the constituency of Coulommiersrapporteur of the law on borrower insurance, welcomed, Thursday, February 3, the positive outcome given to its proposal, by the joint committee between the National Assembly and the Senate.

The text was adopted unanimously.

“A balanced text”

“It’s a great satisfaction after 18 months of fighting, comments the chosen one. From now on, the insured will be able to terminate their borrower insurance by making the competition work, i.e. a saving of between €5,000 and €15,000, depending on the contracts. For the deputy, a step forward on the purchasing power of the French, because today, interrupting his insurance contract? An obstacle course!

“By dint of persuasion and compromise, we succeeded,” she says. The result is a balanced text. »

Patricia LemoineMP

Among the proposals, therefore, is simplified and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market with the possibility of terminating one’s insurance contract at any time, “despite the reluctance of senators and the banking lobby (the senators had initially rejected the text, on 26 last January, for the second time in three years, editor’s note)”.

The goal ? Promoting competition leads to lower prices and therefore allows the population to have easier access to property.

Right to be forgotten

But this is not the only advance made by the MP. Indeed, the two chambers have also reached an agreement on the lowering of the right to be forgotten from ten to five years in order to allow former cancer and hepatitis C patients access to mortgage, whatever their age. .

“Today, to obtain insurance, you have to fill out a health questionnaire, it’s a double penalty for these former patients ten years after the end of their therapeutic protocol, analyzes Patricia Lemoine. Buying real estate is often a crucial step in the personal reconstruction of people in remission. »

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Thus, for loans of less than €200,000 and people under the age of 60 on the last repayment date, there is no longer any need to complete a medical questionnaire.

“A historic step forward”

“Knowing that half of the loans contracted are for less than €200,000, that’s enormous!, continues the rapporteur. This is a historic step forward for people who have suffered from a health condition or who still have to deal with it, without calling into question the insurance model as it exists today. »

Note that the text will be the subject of a solemn vote in the National Assembly on February 10 and on February 17 in the Senate.


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